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Spring Semester 2023

MBA 290T-12

SQL Programming
Roopesh Varier

EWMBA 290T-12

SQL Programming
Roopesh Varier


Data & Decisions
Tom Lee & Richard Huntsinger

Research Hubs

R & Python Tutorials

Haas Tutorial Notebooks
Prof. Huntsinger & Prof. Lee


Research Hub for
Richard Huntsinger

H2 Research Team

Heather Haveman

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  • Our Defining Leadership Principles distinguish our graduates in the marketplace as courageous and responsible leaders who reframe problems, champion bold ideas, create enterprises, and empower teams.

  • Leaders of this kind define what's next, for our markets and for our societies. The Haas School is uniquely positioned to deliver such leaders because we have a solid foundation of place, people, and culture and the vision to make far-reaching strategic changes.